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I am a recent Master of Public Health (MPH)graduate focusing on International Health and Epidemiology. Although not what you would call a typical southern woman, I am. I can be

1. country and love big ol' biscuits for breakfast/lunch/dinner
2. get "sophistafunk" and dine on yummi yummi
3. eat fufu and drink tej wine
4.enter random food/lifestyle combination

I was born in Mobile, Alabama raised all over Mobile and the deep rural districts of Mississippi. My southern upbringing is almost a direct contradiction to the idea of international -which is why I thus named this blog. Defying convention and all stereotypes- All right ! Get her done! LOL!
I've made my way to and through Jamaica, Amsterdam, Bangkok,Thailand, Ghana, and showing no signs of slowing. This journal is a way for me to connect to all of my international, local, uptown, upp a road, dungtown, ova deh so, krom, and bush friends and family.


International health, of course! Serious first- women's health, Women's rights, microcredit enterprises, HIV, adolescent health issues, prenancy prevention, mentoring, new age rites of passage, Society against harmful traditional practices re:FGM- Female Genital Mutilation AFTER or BEFORE WORK-------- Thrift store shopping, shoe shopping, acting, painting, creating, loving( my current favorite), running,Ashtanga yoga, shooting documentary films, guerilla photography, driving running cars, pina coladas and long walks on the beach